23 January 2007

busker and sam

Bolthole in Belgravia

Busker mère has a bijou pad down fashionable Sloane Street, a mere poppadom's frisbee from toff grocer, Harrods. I must check its re-value.

Check this out for real estate nonsense:

"... thought to be smallest property ever to go on sale in the UK:
  • Uninhabitable 11ft 3in x 7ft 3in former cleaner's cupboard in Chelsea, west London.
  • Asking price, a mere £170,000 - plus around £30,000 to make it habitable.
  • Refurbished, will allow single bed, shower and Lilliputian cooking area.
  • Bijou, compact, economic ... *but* just a dash from the luxury stores.
  • Not the first extortionate mini pad: A 62 sq ft former cupboard in Notting Hill was valued at £100,000 two years ago but has yet to come on the market.

    A scruffy garage on sought-after Sandbanks of Poole, Dorset, sold for £200,000 in 2005. And last week, it emerged that a converted broom cupboard in Knightsbridge, London, was valued at £150,000.

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