21 January 2007

Hunk Watch

eduardo de bourg de bozace, or something like that

A certain lady who is standing over me and whose favour I am *trying* to curry demands that I include one of the audience whom she finds "yummy".

In fact, she asked me if it was Ben Afleck on the sofa.

No, m'dear, that is an excessively cool Frenchie (no relation to Caroline and nor did he seem inclined to chat her up, thank goodness) with some title to boot.

Nice guy, too, the bastard ....
Oh, *I* know why madame wants me to post pics of m'sieur le comte de wotsit: it's so she can ogle the rude statue in the club with its devilish lighting.

The tramp!

Of course, you have to ask yourself did the latin smoothie sit there deliberately? God you have watch your women when these continentals are around.

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