21 January 2007


My beloved Bagels & Beanz it ain't, but I don't mind slumming.

I have at last found where the local strummers hang out. Friendly crowd, not too proud to join in, some of them can even hold a note.

Here's some shots of last Friday's singalong with a very pleasant South African bloke, English lady, and that's Kosta on the right with the classical axe adding some classy soloing.

As keener-eyed readers will spot, the nosh and booze is of quite a high standard and candelabra, to boot.

My dears, your roving Busker has definitely gone up in the world.
Garçon! The chap in the white chemise who looks as if he is pouring wine?

Glad you asked: he is the, ahem, butler  and that is exactly what he is doing, refilling one of the audience's glass.

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