26 January 2007


Props where due: it's not just "Life is Good" at LG Electronics (such a silly motto tie-in), but their customer service is right up there:

I'd lost the battery cover for my LG B2000 cell phone and padded all over Kerkira in search of the agent or some dealer. Zilch.

I wrote to the US branch and got a feeble reply back that they only handled US inquiries, what with different countries using different technologies etc. (Yo! I'm only after the bit of plastic that slots into the back).

I wrote to the UK office and got an instant response, giving me TWO contacts including phone numbers:

  • CRC Communicaid
  • Clockwork Logistics

    Both of their CS lines were manned by clued-up types who knew exactly what I needed and what they needed to do for *me*.

    If any big shot over in the South Korea LG chaebol wants to know how their UK business is running, it's in capable hands, sir, and dishing out excellent service, to boot.

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