26 January 2007


Blogger upgrade reveals ancient unmoderated comments

Being a 2-blog chappie (the sadly retired 'Busker',and the current botanophobic 'Corfucius'), I've been denied the Blogger upgrade til now.

The proud owner of Blogger Mark II (which works brilliantly), I now see that I had quite a few 'Busker' comments waiting for approval before publication.

How rude you must have thought me:

  • rwells chasing a post-BI email address (I think we've solved that)
  • The parish of Bremerton's own Beat-nik, the always readable Steve Gardner, noting my choice of nik for my adored Spitfire, turned Simmering Sixteen this very day, so what good timing, Steve. I must tell you about her one day; amazing gal, as is my elder.
  • The lovely Elise Wright who sounds terribly fanciable so perhaps I left WA state just in time.
  • Rich Man Wisco reminding me of those heady Peddy days. God, we had fun. And what about that sleuthing Nickum gal, eh? By Achilles' Heel! They don't make 'em like that no more - no doubt much to hubby Nicker's huge relief.
  • And assorted others whose comments I've published sans further burble on my part.

    Bless you all!

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