23 January 2007


The great and good rwells sends me this killer link that acts as a proustian madeleine to gigs perdus with my Bainbridge Bagels buddies. Speaking of which, why did I never manage to haul Ricardo over to sit in? Fool, moi.

busker and mikeGod that photo hurts.

Me riding high in those days, ergo toting a $2000 Taylor (careful of that link, it has "sounds").

And wonderful wonderful gravel-voiced Mike.mike and georgia

Mr Wells is my guru on the saintèd Bob Dylan, through whom I've come to understand more about Zimmerman sahib than I deserve.
bass playerI miss those days, even tho' you'll see from recent postings that I now plunk amid bottles of Chinon tilted by attentive garçons and seated with sophistiquées sirens from deepest Anjou.

Look at that guy: totally cool. ZZ Top comes to Winslow-on-Sound.

Bless you, Richard, paithi mou - it's this kind of inspiration from outta left fret that keeps one going.

Waiter! Another pint of ouzo over here, parakalo!

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