27 June 2007

'Tin Cup' Blair

What a farcical shamble has been poodle Blair's exit from Downing Street.

I suspected this ridiculous job they've cooked up for him would carry no power: "Special Representative", indeed. His humiliation is complete and we should hear no more of him save for his occasional cockups and slights from other world leaders.

How could anyone have thought Blair suitable for any sort of job, let alone *this* one for a coxcomb who pushed for war on Iraq and refused to sue for peace in Lebanon?

To boot, he leaves an appalling legacy

  • Ruined education system
  • National Health Service in tatters
  • Armed Forces decimated
  • Demoralised police force
  • More violence on the streets than ever
  • Total cave-in to the EU
  • All taxes soaring
  • Transportation system getting worse
  • Namby-pamby wheedling around fixing the House of Lords (whom God preserve).
  • Just one big catastrophic bouffanted balls-up.

    July 1: What a date to go down in infamy, to be sure.

  • 10 years ago, my fragrant harbouring home town of Hong Kong was handed back to the Motherland - admittedly to no great harm.
  • Actually, I'm sure the citizens of Hong Kong feel good riddance from a country whose arrogance and nannying ways has reduced it to banning smoking from all public places.

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