28 June 2007

Mimicry Advert

I'm a huge fan of skilled commercials.

Check out this one for Captain Morgan rum.

Bloke has pleaded too sick to attend his chick's unpromising wedding of a cousin, but is almost busted when he takes gf's call in a bar.

He pretends the background noise is him checking the TV channels and the staff and customers rise magnificently to the challenge.

Particularly note:

  • Whispering voice of weather man calling for "slight wind"
  • Instant formation of a workout class
  • Doyen cricket commentator John Arden's oaky-voiced reference to "a magnificent shot" and the expert clapping by the dude's pals
  • That brilliant last-second tableau of the 3 guys turning to give the Capt Morgan knee-up pose.
  • Lovely deep English accent of the voice-over plug.
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