19 June 2007

The Oldie magazine

This is my very favouritest magazine and the only one I subscribe to in Greece.

I see that it is posting an online version to lure readers, of which I doubt they will find any in the ranks of my pals, even tho' they include many decrepit types.

My American friends don't acknowledge the description or state of 'old'.

When visiting me, and on spotting a copy of The Oldie lying around, they would hiss and make the sign of the cross as if repelling vampires on the starboard bow.

My English friends don't read and would find it all too satirical and mocking.

But I put it up there in case. I haven't tested the link but if it doesn't work for you, I suspect it will be because you are too old.


Ed - The Music Man said...

I went to the Oldie luncheon in Simpson's In The Strand last week and met some great people. Their subscribers are such a wonderful lot of people. Great in their love of nostalgia. I wish the magazine the best as they move into the era of the internet. Ed

Busker said...

Absolutely, Ed, and thanks for the comment. I long for the day when I too can attend one of the lunches.
Meanwhile, I am slowly introducing the Kerkyra crowd to its excellence. Yamas! CH