30 June 2007

Society Wedding

Five hours hence, booted and spurred, to Alithia and Marcus's wedding.

Thursday's pre-nupt quaffing at the Lounge Bar was a Who's Who of jeunesse d'oree and eurostocracy.

I don't think A or M would mind me posting the guest list for a short while, just to swank what company I'll be moving in - or at least being snubbed by.

The dinner will be in the Old Fort and each table has a genial host to see things run smoothly, keep the jokes coming, and generally make sure everyone has a splendid time.

I have agreed to be my table's compere but am beginning to get cold feet. Everyone at the drinks seemed terrifyingly young and self-assured, not to mention some of the most beautiful women I've set eyes on. I shall be snapping and posting.

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rwells said...

re: star studded guest list - relax, never hoid of 'em.