05 June 2007

My New My Friend

I am in deep doo-doo for replying to a mail out of the blue from a Samaran siren.

It was the pout, I say, but no use: damage is done and I am in the Siberian kennel.

I have apparently let myself open to every nigerian scam under the sun. Even as I type, Ivan is emptying my empty coffers.

"Hello!!! My name Rula. I live in Russia, namely in city Samara.

My new your friend email to me distances in a site of lonely hearts.

I hope that you will not ignore me and shortly we can learn each other better.

I in the first was included in Internet - cafe to find to myself the partner in life and me it seems that not the first which you receive my letter from the girl, but I hope that among them was not such good and tender as I.

My dear I earlier also my dream to create family never was married to have children and to live happily. I at all do not know why I have chosen you, am simple the matter is that I have seen your structure and I liked your structure, also to me would like to find out yours more close by means of our correspondence.

I think that it is everything, that I wanted to inform you and if I have interested you I shall be happy to receive from you the answer to my E-Mail.

With impatience I shall wait for the prompt answer,

Your new friend Rula.

My 'structure', indeed? Watch this space.

Since posting this, R and I have exchanged several mails and she is a sweety and I feel a bit bad about posting this - which is exactly the required reaction says everyone this end.

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