23 September 2008

"Angry old man? Screw them"

My fave espionovelist John le Carré speaks out with some choice observations:

  • "I'm angry that there is so little anger around me at what is being done to our society, supposedly in order to protect it."
  • "We've been taken to war under false pretences, stripped of our civil rights in an atmosphere of panic."
  • "Our Members of Parliament allow themselves to be deluded by their own spin doctors, and end up believing their own propaganda."
  • "People call me an angry old man. Screw them. You don't have to be old to be angry ... We've sacrificed our sovereignty to a so-called 'special relationship' which has nothing special about it."

    And the ace comment from someone about it being, " ... a shame that it takes a writer of fiction to give the Government a reality check."


    rwells said...

    This from LeCarre's latest, A Most Wanted Man: "In my law school, we talked a great deal about law over life... It's a verity of our German history: law not to protect life but to abuse it. We did it to the Jews. In its current American form it licenses torture and kidnapping. And is infectious. Your country is not immune, neither is mine."

    Busker said...

    **Good** one. Thanks and well extracted. I must get the new one.