08 September 2008

China Forbes

Mamzel House Guest brought China Forbes' new, solo album 78 out with her and I listened and I listened and really could NOT get into or on with it.

But I persevered because she's a lovely lady and her Pink Martini work is ace.

Then suddenly one evening I *heard* it and then I heard it some more and pretty soon I was hearing phrases and then whole passages in my head. And then I couldn't leave it off the stereo.

Pals came round and said 'That's sort of dreary for you, no?' and then they came again and asked 'What IS that? Nice' and then they'd come again and ask 'Shove China on ... that '78' track'.

Now I know precisely where it fits:

  • Buy TWO CDs just in case
  • Meet someone with whom there might be something and play it as 'getting-to-know-you' background to blossoming affaire
  • After a while she says "That's nice. Who is it?"
  • Things go OK and you play it in the car to picnics and on the portable on the beach and back home as you sway on the patio.
  • One night she says "That is such a nice album. i didnt like it at first. Would you burn a copy for me?" I'll do better than that. Retrieves 2nd copy.
  • "You darling. How did you know?"
  • Spend summer lost in love. It's *your* song, YOUR album.
  • One day it's over. Not *that* day - you have to go through WEEKS of agonised denial and texting and emailing and explaining to yself why she hasnt replied, why she doesnt answer, why she's shifty at parties you hadnt known she'd be there ... all that.
  • But that one day, it was over. How did Donne have it? Something like, "Love is a growing or full burning light, And his first minute after noon ... is night." My ellipses. (Don't bother to write in, Dottore Baddeley. They get the gist)

  • Finally finally finally it sinks in. It's over.
  • You're driving back one night. Cool breeze, nice feeling. Hit the CD bouton and it's Forbes.
  • Wry smile. Drive on a bit but the memories are flooding.
  • Hit eject and frisbee the disk out into the darkness.
  • Comment comment: the over-commenting 'Lupin', whose asinine comments I have studiously ignored these past years, comments on my ignorance of the fact that Ms Forbes plays, on this solo album, all of:

  • acoustic and electric rhythm guitar
  • lead guitar
  • bass
  • piano, mellotron, vibes and wurlitzer
  • harmonium and harmonica
  • Yamaha PSS 480
  • Arp [sic] strings (whatever they are]
  • violin
  • I'm aware of her versatility, Lupers. It's one of the drearier aspects of the sound, that it comes from the same hand.

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