04 September 2008

Can't buy me love

Rod Liddle

Actually, that turns out to be exactly what you can do - and thank you Mr Rod Liddle (that's him over there) for confirming it.

Aug 31st Sunday Times, page 15 Comment .

I quote, and you can read the rest because it gets better with his dig at building societes.

"What qualities do you think women look for in men, according to a recent survey? GSOH? Hung like a gibbon? Unending fidelity? Caring, consensual and deeply committed to combating global warming issues, with a wind turbine nailed to his forehead?

Nope, none of those – all they want from their man is huge amounts of money. That’s number one on the wish list, just ahead of “someone who’ll listen, okay?”, which we men all have to do anyway because there isn’t any choice.

Meanwhile, men want a woman who will just shut up from time to time and maybe look after the kids, if she’s got a moment between thinking about shoes and watching Sex and the City.

So, in 250,000 years of evolution, nothing whatsoever has changed."

Well said.

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