12 September 2008

Lady Headbanger

Excellent 'Diary of a Notting Hill Nobody' in the 6 September Spectator, Tamzin 'Tamara' Lightwater right on form. Can't understand why I'm the only Speccie reader in Corfu who recognises her talent.

She talks of everyone going Palin crazy and her female co-workers coming in "with their hair teased into frightening up-dos ... Major brainstorming following bad-tempered memo titled 'Who is our Sarah Palin?' "

Funniest bit is where she muses that "seems we did something silly with candidate selection which meant that all the arch right-wingers got weeded out. We've only got Compassionate Centre Right Cameroons."

Bags more like that. My favourite column - next to Rod Liddle's.

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