18 September 2008


Our new washer comes with precise instructions including diagram of what goes where.

A whole page of A-G guidance written in english but appearing nowhere in the *greek* section. My greek pals laff at the presumed gullibility of foreigners and believe it to be a spoof.

Have any of YOU had instructions as to the placement of:

  • A - Milk
  • B - Tea
  • C - Minced meat
  • D - Eggs
  • E - Oat flakes
  • F - Spinach (say what?)
  • G - Margarine

    LOL. I mean, does that not read more like a storage machine than a washer in which you - I mean I - just dump the grungy platters and cutlery and hit 'Play'? Right?

    And you should see the 6-point diagram as to how to place the cutlery ... oh dis-donc. Photos, too.

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