11 September 2008


I could call it 'Lucre for Louka' if any reward is offered but there's none. We're just appealing for the lad to be returned - aye, I reckon he's been nicked.

Gone since Aug 24, he's snipped so no hanky-panky with the totties.

Took notices down to Diellas and AlphaBeta supermarkets and was at my ooziest.

They weren't that busy but the manageresses were taking the usual heat from the usual Greekness so when it came my turn, I simpered "I know you're very busy ... wondered if ... any chance ... put up sign for lost dog ...".

Loipon, being the first person in yonks to recognise their industriousness shoves me to the head of the queue; then the hangdog 'tude ... then the hangdog DOG. I mean look at that lad. Who couldnt love that expression?

So the signs are up and fingers crossed, if only that some pal of the purloiner says "Yo! That hunting pooch you said you picked up way over in Glyfa. Same looking hound being announced as lost in Diellas which is your local market. Rum."

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