04 September 2008

Rod Liddle

I keep quoting the ace Rod Liddle at people and telling them that I steal most of my best lines and topics from him so, to keep myself honest, I'm shoving this link up so I won't plagiarise *quite* so much.

He writes for the Spectator and it's 50/50 who I turn to first, Tamzin or Rod.

Taki seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Then I find he writes for the Sunday Times, so now we take that, too.

From what I hear from the grumbling classes out here, he speaks for England.

For me, too.

Comment comment: Eagle-eyed Anon's comment won't mean much because I've hastily corrected the goof but I had referred to him as RoN throughout. A bit bloody stupid - not to say unconvincing - to praise a scribe to the heavens when I can't even get his naffing name right, and Anon has me bang to rights.

In fact, i went down to brek and asked my mum (and A.N. Other who happened to be here) how they called him and they both said Ron, so go figure. And Ron's such a uncool name in this household - my dad was ever Ronald and only Gan Gan called him the monosyllable moniker.

What's scary is how fast Ron Anon got onto me.

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Anonymous said...

I thought he was ROD?