03 February 2010


  • It had to happen.

  • How many times - and in how many youtube plasterings - has attention been distracted from the serious delivery of seriously dull news by some peon noodling away in the background?

  • Or just being duked out?

  • Or making out?

  • Miranda Kerr's agent should send broker David Kiely a hefty cheque for the publicity he's whipped up for that shapely but not exceptional 'supermodel'.

    Now her bod is being perved worldwide.

  • Mission accompli.

  • Easy on the eye ~ bit too cute but hey, we were all 22 once.

  • True blue coincidence: I, m'self, moi-même was born Down Under. Also from NSW ~ a Sydney-sider from Rose Bay, no less. V posh.

  • But I bet a prawn from the barbie it's right now losing hits to Gunnedah.

    Kerr Kuddle for MacKuarie Perver: How funny. The luscious Ms Kerr herself has come out and joined the pro-David Kiely effort to keep him his job with MacQuarie.

    If you ask me, MacQuarie would be idiots to fire him now that the Kiely-Kerr Effect has made it the most famous Private Wealth trader in Oz if not the world.

    Banker and Belle have attracted more publicity than could ever have been paid for.

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