13 February 2010

Hound Head Henry

Listen to this chap. He is good, and how often does arrogant moi bandy that one around?

He plays what I do and likes the usual goodies but he does it better than me - with odd gaps, such as Renbourn's Judy that he misses on some of the subtleties or emphasises that really aren't hard to hit.

But very sound on the blues and rags men and it's always good to see Avocet plucked from.

Listen to the way he refuses to stint on legato and has made sure he knows how to play the damn'd tunes before starting the recorder.

And I do love the way so many of the clips start with a very slight hesitation as if easing into the tune.

I might add that as an affectation to some of my own instrumentals ~ give 'em a more human feel, then when one gets going and really kickin' ass, it won't seem so show-offy and automaton technique.

Like that bogus Tommy Emmanuel who hasnt a soulful pad on his pinkie

Don't listen to me - go to HH's page and just work your way down the generous repertoire ~ I've sprinkled enough links around and when do I bother with that? All winners.

Bravo that man.

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