04 February 2010

Nota Bene ~ Copyright The SunThomas Cook Corfu Case

~ carbon monoxide poisoning ~

That iconic photo says it all and reminds us that the trial date has actually come round ~ Monday Feb 1st 2010, as ever is.

To be truly en Grècque, tomorrow's kick-off needs Hizzonner to burble gravely, gesticulate with great learning and, tutting with pursed lips over missing witnesses, decree a postponement. Hrrmph.

Also, we have the 'season' to consider and the risk of discouraging any reps considering Corfu for their next employment.

And Lord knows what this is doing to the unfortunate reps in question, ageing before their time, no doubt.

Reminder of who what where when and all that:

  • On the left, Thomas Cook's consumer affairs executive for Corfu resorts, Richard Carson

  • To the right - and my goodness, what a bevy of hot blondes we're seeing in this case - Nicola Gibson who, according to whom you read, is either Cook's former 'overseas representative for Corfu' or still employed somewhere in the company maw. [Do companies have a sort of Witness Protection scheme so that those sub judice, so to speak, can stay discreetly on the payroll?]

    More media have been reporting her as formerly employed so that's the only I'll go for. I doubt it matters too much at this stage, so long as Thos C do the right thing and stand by their gal.

  • They're charged over the deaths of Christianne Shepherd, seven, and her six-year-old brother, Robert, from carbon monoxide poisoning in the Louis Corcyra Beach Hotel in October 2006.

    Both face charges of manslaughter and negligence.

  • I've already blogged on this tragedy and now worry about it heading towards a water-treading bungle:

  • μόλις

  • δύο φορές

  • τρεις φορές

    Wake-up Call ~ Goodness, nothing stirs me like being 'phoned early in the morning to be told that Google Alert has dredged up one of my posts that's appearing on something called BlogCatalog.

    The actual listing in Google Alert seems to be

    Over-the-iconic // BlogCatalog Topic // BlogCatalog
    Corfucius |

    with the teasing text that,

    "2 days ago by chris holmes. Thomas Cook Corfu Case ~ carbon monoxide poisoning ~ That iconic photo says it all and reminds us that the trial date ..."

    Very inviting, I must say (altho' I have to confess that once clicked on, the BlogCatalog list doesnt seem to make any reference to this page.)

    Anyway, it does remind me to check again what all's going on with this heart-breaking tragedy.

  • I didn't go down to the courthouse because enough rubber-necking pals planned to be there to abuse the ghoulish media and shout encouragement to the two reps intended to take the rap.

  • Most coverage seemed to be about the hapless dad choking with emotion and muttering about justice and fair play and you don't go on holiday and expect to run thru a whole checklist of safety issues on the heating equipment.

  • Bit of an anti-C: Trial adjourned 'til Feb 17, more witnesses to be called. Then the whole thing to resume in March, date to be fixed. No surprises there.

  • For those who like a few pictures, Skynews with extra video.

  • The highlight for me was how absolutely corking Mrs Ruth Shepherd (née Beatson) looked this time round.

    Obviously, the last time we saw her was emerging from an Athens hospital after her own near-death gassing ... plus, she and Neil weren't married at the time so it was a bit sympathy-lite on the couple and all eyes on absent mum who could be excused assuming an almighty, child-slaying cock-up on the part of hubby Neil and "The Other Woman".

    This time round - an honest woman and looking a right stunner.

    Speaking of which, if I were Neil I'd give the press a right bollocking for not getting it right. I mean, come on, guys: she's described as wife on one line and then as partner on t'other.

    What's the point of getting hitched in the first place if the frigging subs can't get it right even on that point??

    As for the gassing: Poh poh. Much more than meets the eye, of course. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole Agatha Christian collision of coincidences didn't stand or fall on what couldn't possibly have met anyone's eye. The fall, of course, to be taken by the hapless reps, Richard and Nicola.

    It's all very Miss Marples, isn't it? With a touch of black farce thrown in.

    I know nothing about nuffink and anyone who pretends not to be thoroughly confused is simply very badly informed.

    All I can offer is the hope that proper detective work be done on what exactly 'leaked' and why and how, and where whatever went out exited and how and where whatever came in did in fact enter.

    This one will tax even Poirot's little grey cells.

  • Definitely watch this space.

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