24 June 2009

Thomas Cook Deaths

~ Louis Corcyra gassing deaths trial ~

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  • Trial starts June 25

    I see I have scribbled on this before:

  • Christianne and Robert RIP
  • Gassing Tragedy
  • My bet is that the judiciary will do its usual thing of screeching to a halt at cliff edge and then simply allow it to sag and flag in the familiar 'Greek Way'.
  • Top Tabloiodery ~ Where else would you read a headline like this than in The Sun?

    Baby joy for Corfu death mums

    Brilliant. The upside equivalent of my favorite Hamlet summary, "Spook King demands death probe". Anyway, I'm delighted both mothers got their mojo back.

  • VITAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: that heart-breakingly gorgeous portrait up there is so trussed up in copyright of The Sun that I'm surprised my keyboard isn't spewing writs as I type.

    But I digress. Speaking of probes, I was talking to a bunch of international scribes over for the OSCE knees-up and they seemed unaware of the Christi/Bobby tragédie trial but agreed that if things ran quiet in the Hillary camp they could always run some indignant colour piece about gaseous lynch mobs.

  • The image I nurse is of some cub reporterette over from the sticks with orders from t'boss to write up the reps' trial. She finds herself jostling with the Big Beasts at the court room door:
    "Ayup, chuck - and what exactly is the interest from the FYROM Clarion (incorporating t'Macedonia Gazette)? Am I like missing summat?"
  • There were some other, less savoury types lurking and I'm wondering if the lower life reptilian press are hosting any sort of junket for the (ever-so slightly less now) bereaved parents ... I wouldn't put it past them and the specimens I observed pretty much fitted the bill. We shall see.
  • I've been down to Kommeno to see what they've done for a clear passage for the Grandees' chariots and it's impressive. But I couldn't make out if they're intending to remove entirely that endless-wait traffic light at the top of the first hillock, or use sea access throughout.

    Either way, I will fearlessly fotograph the shenanigans until hustled away by Security and dropped down that Tzavros oubliette.

  • TTG: industry defends its own. Scroll to PAGE SIX/SEVEN
  • Trial postponed - as if all concerned didn't expect it from the start. But what a lovely headline - shades of spook kingly death probes - "Holiday Fume Deaths". Tabloidese at its best.
  • 'Disrespectful' trial delay: I've heard this gassing tragedy called many things but 'disrespectful' is a new one. I wonder what adjective stepdad Paul Wood will come up with six months from now when it's delayed a further six months. Actually, come December it'll be more like, "I'm sorry? What trial would that be?"

    Mr Woods is disappointed that it'll be a while longer 'til he sees justice done: "We flew from England at great personal cost because we have faith in the Greek justice system." Yees, so ... where are we going on this, Mr Woods? Even moi, in my anchorite cell could hear the bush telegraph back then proclaiming the inevitable delay ... *that* is the Greek justice system and, true to its own industrious rumour mill, it's very much kept the faith with those of us watching the byzantine proceedings unfold.

  • Seething at 'disrespectful' games play
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    Sibadd said...

    I can imagine everyone assembles and then the old trick of the astute lawyer - delay and postponement. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8118016.stm