28 June 2009

Blues Latitude

Oyez Oyez! Major gig stage left

My fellow fogey fretters are always complaining I don't tell them about the real action around here.

Dudes. It's my inner Groucho subconsciously not wanting to pass on word to anyone so out of touch that you need to hear about it from the hors-de-touche likes of moi.

But this is different because it is right on my patch and the band are all my buddies.

Loipon, hie yer asses down to KondĪŒkali (or 'Kondo-karly' as y'all seem to pernounce it) and cop an earful of raunchy blues.

  • Venue: G&M's Bar (opposite Takis Taverna)
  • Plea: Puleez, in the name of God, don't go 'discovering' that ace eaterie. There's enough riff-raff touristry noshing there without you lot mincing in with your simpering hail-Dimitri-well-mets
  • When stuff: Friday 3rd July. 9.30 until 12pm
  • Quoth Roy the Axe: "Suitable for couch potatoes, dancing queens of all ages, vegetarians and especially the semi-deaf or alcoholics."
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