05 June 2009

Dancing Backwards

~ Salley Vickers ~

I love the thrill when a new book's coming from a run-don't-walk, 1-click author that one snaps up 'sight unseen', as my old publishing boss had it.

Salley Vickers has a new novel out June 25 and mater will be in London to collect it, so whoo hoo.

Plug: This blog exists to plug favourites so,

  1. You should get to know Ms Vickers if you don't already
  2. Definitely read my favourite, Instances of the Number 3
  3. Here is her page
  4. Fantastic Fiction's page, including a short blurb, which is more than my old Alma Mater Amazon includes. (I'm sure Salley will be delighted to know that she delivers Fantastic Fiction, which we all know she does.)

If you're wondering about typo 'Salley', it ain't: it is spelled with an 'e' because it is the Irish for 'willow' (from the Latin: salix, salicis) as in the W.B.Yeats poem, 'Down by the salley gardens'.

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