25 June 2009


~ The World comes to Prosperonia ~

  • It's two high-level meetings:
  • The NATO-Russia Council (NRC) on June 27
  • The OSCE ministerial meeting on European security on June 28.
  • Conference venue: the Corfu Imperial

    The European Council meeting in Brussels on June 18 and 19 marks the end of the Czech EU Presidency

  • The 27 EU partners will discuss the economic crisis, the appointment of the European Commission president, the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, climate change, illegal immigration and external relations issues. Got it?
  • Anti-OSCE meeting, Corfu, 26-28 June 2009
    • "We call to Corfu, 27-28 June 2009, all people who resist and rise up against Fortress Europe.
    • "Say Oki to Fortress Europe"
    • "From Seattle to Geneva, from Thessaloniki 2003 to December 2008, the social war goes on."
    • "Let's trap human guards inside their own walls!"
    • Loipon, hang about lads, whatever you call yourselves ... the Anarchists and Anti-Authoritarians' initiative against the OSCE meeting.
    • For starters, my Spitfire Jewel is arriving *from* Seattle (as it so happens) so she doesn't need a slow-mo replay of any o' that argy-bargy.
    • Speaking of which, did you see the DVD - Stroppy in Seattle? - I'm the Bunteresque bloke in the Oxford U t-shirt and the Oxford non-U accent, running from the burly troopers squealing "I say - steady on chaps! I only came out for a cup of Ovaltine. Ouch! Yaroo! Not fair!"
    • My baby is coming for sea, sun and lots and lots of lovely dad-daughter bonding, so watch it.
  • Anyway, Im pleased for Steve Whitty of Kommeno who, in his letter to Athens News, thanks Hillary Clinton et al for coming here and staying at a 5-star hotel down the way from SW. True to style, after yonks of doing nothing, suddenly the environs and everything en route is magically fixed
    1. Water leaks fixed
    2. Pipes buried
    3. Roads tarred
    4. Rubbish cleared
    5. Vegetation cut back.
  • Of course, you won't want to be on that road when the Highwaymen ride by. Indeed, you won't be able to be on that road.
  • In the spirit of those dawn-raiding fuzz who smash down doors to cop the terrorists and then find they got the address wrong, I should have shoved up signs for the works crew signaling "Detour - official route to Summit hotels" and let the navvies get on with it.
  • Russia hopes for NATO breakthrough
  • "Macedonia" 'plane to Corfu: PASOK pissed
  • Clinton no-go to Corfu
  • Dep Sec Steinberg to Corfu
  • Dora B: Tackling European security
  • Two different summits: 1) EU security; 2)Founding trust between East and West
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