07 June 2009


The excellent Nikos Konstandaras to the point as ever in his AthensPlus 'Breaking Point' Opinion of the Siemens scandal.

What set me guffawing with delight and admiration was his succinct summary of how

" ... everything appeared to be going according to the Greek way of handling scandals:

  1. Saturation coverage - enough to sow confusion so that no one knows what the story is all about.
  2. The cultivation of a sense that "everyone does it" (meaning no one is accountable)
  3. The judiciary lets the issue drag on for so long that the public - aided by the very fickle news media - forgets what it is all about
  4. Time runs out, the case is filed away
  5. Everyone goes back to business as usual

That is what I call good writing.

And which the discerning Sinbad borrows.

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