02 June 2009

Common Solecisms

Corfucius runs a literate ship and he looks after his buds.

Voici a useful list from that last bastion of anglais how she is spoke, L'Economist.

Oh all right, you lot in the back row, here's what it means.

Aggravate: I grew up knowing it to mean 'make heavier'.


Sibadd said...

From the Ano Korakiana website on the celebration of Greek Independence last October: " ... In each house of the village today and a wind flag. Small is big and full of joy. The bells ringing. Celebrating our country. In the village church is cuddly the whole world. Sing the glorification. There is also the school with the flag ... Then all were wreaths of laurels and Myrties and went to the square and crowned the monument Memorial ...» Capture things pretty well.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the Brits had a better arrest inquiry
track record that those from the U.S.


Busker said...

gosh - that's quite an 'arresting' site. spooky.