16 June 2009

Nottingham Man Tasered

From this video, the police look as if they haven't a clue what they're doing.

They're no sooner advancing on the poor bloke on the ground than springing back in apparent fear that he might retaliate - which looks highly unlikely.

I can't see or hear any indication that the officers have received any training in any sort of restraint of suspects. Nor can I see the 'suspect' behaving aggressively in between the tasering which seems to be delivered very much at arm's length as if the lone man on ground poses more of a threat than the combined circle of Filth.

Is this our police force these days?

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    Bill said...

    The problem with "non lethal force" is that less competent officers will often use it as punishment rather than necessary force to subdue someone. There are many similar scenes on Youtube.

    A man died after being tasered in Queensland last week. Many others have too. There is no such thing as non-lethal force. Any kind of force has the potential to be lethal. And sometimes there is no choice but to use it - but I believe is should be called "sub lethal," not "non-lethal," because the latter implies that it can't kill.

    When a suspect is on the ground with two cops over him, tasering is not necessary force, it's either punishment or convenience.