12 June 2009

Nursery Assistant: Babe Abuse

This lady can assure herself of an interesting prison sentence.

I know that blokes inside for sex crimes suffer a dodgy status among their fellow crims, so I'd guess Vanessa George might have keep an even lower profile.

Even wim crims harbour maternal instincts, no? Including the screws.

  • Four counts of sexual assault
  • Three further counts - making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children.

    Sibadd said...

    A couple of times a year the Jehovah's Witness' come round. We have a chat about evil. They suggest, politely, that it's Satan walking about, seeking whom he may devour while I come up with social psychology. I'm a bit stuck on this one. Are we going to find this woman, a mother of her own children, was herself abused? Will we find she was persuaded by someone else to do what she did? How come she passed the current tests, supposedly far more stringent now? I'm not exactly naive about the range and depth of human depravity but for the moment this woman's actions bewilder me as much as crop circles - the former depressing, the latter exhilirating. more things in heaven and earth...

    Busker said...

    Good one.
    Exhil-A-rate, a not i.