12 September 2010

19th Divertimenti in Corfu

19 ~ 26 Sept 2010

Not too late for punters who've not got your orders in - but I beseech you, hurry to let them know numbers and you can pay at the portcullis.

And up there is the headline link to the Diverti's web page that none of youse seem able to find ~ or is it just that you love an excuse to call me up or cross the road to interrupt my coffee and cuddlings?

Yes yes, I know I should be flattered.

Loipon - the link above gives all times and details you need so no more excuses. Fin.

And people, you KNOW who the band is, you've heard them before: The Herold Duo

[I know the website dithers between Herald and Her-o-ld but their own CDs spell them Herold with an 'o' so that's what I'm sticking with.]

"Jan Valta (violin) and Karel Untermuller (viola) return to Corfu for the fourth time.

As a members of the world renowned Herold Quartet they have played in most European countries:

  • Several times in England (Wigmore Hall, London)
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • South America
  • Canada
  • USA.

    On 17 September - with the President and other VIPs present - they will be soloists with the Talich Chamber Orchestra in a prestigious concert in Prague Castle to celebrate the Anniversary of 1989's “Velvet Revolution”.

    Goddit? My good deed done.

    All that remains now is to see y'all there, nodding appreciatively along with the divine music and jostling with le tout Corfu for the good vino in the intervals.

    Show me da money: the tickets actually cost €15 and it might be useful to know this and also that there's no paying at the door for finagling financialising taxical reasons.

  • 19th Sept ~ price is on the website so that's OK and above board
  • 22nd ~ Private 'do' by the Kondokali Bay Hotel so ticket price is irrelevant
  • 24th Sept is invite only with tickets €15 sous le pupitre.
  • Same for chez Giorgas on the 26th, €15 and pay with skill and invisibility.
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