10 September 2010

Isle of Man ~ Gays 'n' Kilt Bashers

I fancy Emma Thompson like mad and was hells jealous that she and Ken Branners made such a cool couple.

I did wonder about her remark about the Isle of Wighteousness being gay biffers and kilt crunchers ... and now it turns out that she meant the Isle of Man all along.

This touches a nerve in Holy Trinity Corfu because our excellent Vicar et Spouse hail from there - well Mrs Vicar originally hails from Connecticut but she'll always be a Manxette where this blog's concerned.

I shall monitor this story ... all we need now is for Jug-ears Rooney to flee the choler of Coleen for the verdant pastures of Douglas St Ninian's and I'll be quids in avec un double whammy.

Mystery Worshipper : Do look at this asinine Ship-of-Fools nonsense by the Rambling Rectum - sounds exactly like me, no? That jejune style crazy-crozier deftness with words.

I must apply to this shower to join their ranks of Anointeds Anonyma ~ have mama do an updated review which I'll spice up in my inimitable style.

But really - just when you think you've plumbed the depths, another mossy rock tumbles over to reveal ever creepier crawlies underneath.

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