17 September 2010


~ 29th Sept ~ Plous * Nik. Theotokis ~

Oyez oyez ... Maria and Jim 'live' at the Plouserie and speaking in tongues so it'll be mostly Greek to you but they've threatened to chuck in one or two Anglo-Saxonery to keep us on our toes.

"You in the back row - yes, you Holmes - what did Professor Potts just say?

No, boy! It was AD SIXTY six that the Emperor Nero arrived at Kassiopi, and he was toting an Epiphone.

Fender weren't awarded the Ionian franchise until the following year.

Try to keep up, boy."

  • The Pimping of Panorea - bonus treat.

    An abridged version of the Greek novella as published in Summer/Autumn 2008 issue of Island magazine, translated from the Greek by the author.

    Back to the reading, and I quote:

  • "Jim and Maria Potts will be talking in Greek (some parts in English) about writing and their books about Corfu, the Ionian Islands and Epirus

  • When: 29 September, 8.30 pm

  • Where: PLOUS BOOKSHOP, Nik. Theotokis, near St. Antonios Church.

  • All welcome but space is limited."
  • Pay no attention to that last bit about limited space.

    I have been onto RentaMob ("Groupies to the gentry, booksy readings and signings our speciality") and we will be packing the surrounding streets with the usual rabble that attend these affairs, waving their Little Red Potts pamphlets and calling 'auteur auteur!'

    The police will do their best to quell the storming of the barricades, but at a mere glimpse of the respective Potts' oeuvres, PC Plod will skive off to the nearest kafeneion - metrio and cigs in hand - and get stuck in.

    Athens News will carry photos together with quotes from various senior fuzz - "I'm sorry, WHO are these scribblers?"

    This will be enough for me to forward a report to The Bookseller, Publishers Weekly, and Australian Booktrade Weekly

    ("Shit a brick, Bruce, we've undersubscribed on this lot. Get on the blower and have them send another crate on the next convict boat out of Pomville.")

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    Corfu Bluesman said...

    Up in Zagori, with a dial up interet speed of 48Kbps- if we're lucky- your posts take about half an hour each to download, so rich they are in content..but always worth it in the end!

    Thanks for spreading the word