22 September 2010

Beeb Fail

~ Spineless BBC botch it over Brabant ~

Good dramatic Motion Team/Reuters foto of plainclothes fuzz grabbing Stelios Prapezis after he chucked his shoe at Greek prime minister, George Papandreou.

Much hoo-ha followed with the Thought Police trying to plant the story that it was all staged.

Hoorah for Youtube, that we can see Malcolm Brabant's excellent 1-man work, this time capturing the shoe-throwing incident.

The corporation took the footage down from the website after what it described as "supporters of the [Greek] government" complained about the video and made allegations about its authenticity.

The film was taken down despite protests by Brabant.

Loipon, check out the goodies below:

  • Uncut radio interview

  • Speedy action

  • In Greek
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