13 September 2010


I always like to hear that this kind of offender is young. It means when they arrive in the hoosegow they're not too hardened or ready for what's to come.

C.f. blubby George Michael being serenaded into his new home by the narks and paedo perves - see how long he lasts, even in the Ritz-Carlton eezi-life open clink to which they're moving him so pronto.

Back to this dodgy pair, I reckon the reception committee of hard cases is already forming and the Screws being told to make 'emselves scarce for the lads to get stuck in and medieval.

Teeth: The biting connection won't be lost on the other 'residents'.

Bam thump crunch against the porcelain is the quickest way they get those pesky pearlies out of the way.

Wham bash!

In no time at all the bulls' Big Johnsons will be sliding in and out real easy.

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