12 September 2010


~ Corfu ~

Everyone seen the 'new' CV web site? It’s all the talk of the Gouvia chattering classes.

  • Now that I've seen their revised target market of the Kavosian √©lite, I must get in quick with my offer of Villa Naffopoulos. Except that we've done some re-branding of our own and we now call it Kai-Vos to cash in on Rooney sprog junior.

    Nothing if not forward-looking and market alert, eh? A bit like this CV promo.

  • For the techie cack-handed, click on the volume speaker to the top right and cop an earful of the oozy smoothie voice-over.
  • And goodness me, what unflattering pictures of the Airport
  • Treble Zut et rezut over those cruel shots of buxom 'Reps' and their healthy double-sized derri√®res
  • "Spiro! Kindly escort our noble guests to the Gorgon Suite" (Exit pursued by a gas cylinder)
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