23 April 2011


Ashley said...

They were still doing this in Taos, in secret, when my mom was a kid. Penitentes. The flogging and the cross. I don’t know if they did nails. Don’t know if they are still at.

Corfucius said...

My filipina sister-in-law is back home in the republic of the philippines and they're still doing this. drives my brother crazy - Coy has pals all over, zamboanga, cagoyan, places like that and she visits her extended family and go out to watch the parade like freak circuses of victorians visiting loony bins.
i shove this up because it's a good angle and the nail has a shine to it and the indentation shows well. oh boy what they did - tongues, eyelids, the lot.
good link. good to hear from you, albeit a little sinister to be reminded you're there flitting from shadow 2 shadow, waiting for the right sensible post to comment. ;-) love to family