01 April 2011


Or pay-a da surcharge


Simon Baddeley said...

Got me. i believed that for twenty seconds.

Corfucius said...

You're only saying that to make me feel good. No one is *that* much of a fule. But I thrilled like a child when i read that.
do you know that not ONE brit saw thru it? i went down t'pub and sat there as the regular yokels drifted in, and when there was a crowd i did my gasp woe is me number until one of them finally asked wazzup ... and they all cussed and moaned and did their insular expat numero. in the end i wished it was true - cept for you or course

Simon Baddeley said...

You're obviously more credible that Athens News. By the way had lunch with Pavla, Pine and friends up at Palia Perithia kthes. First day back on the island. Good gossip.

Corfucius said...

good man. pavla who?
oh if you can, find out why joanna lumley is saying she's looking us up when she visits the isle end april/start may. she's telling people like dr spiros giorgas et al but none of them seems to know why she's coming or where the connection is with us. i'd like to know in case we're here and there's some point in opening gates to her - otherwise, i need to know details so i can ensure gates are fermees and house looking deserted.

Simon Baddeley said...

Damaskinos. Yes they spoke of this. RP said the BBC people didn't listen to a word of what he suggested. She'll go and watch some cricket from the Liston, see a gnarled old shepherd and fulfil - in vision - the island's scenic cliches. OK OK they're great but there's more she might learn and she's a very bright lady. Pity none of us can speak to her directly rather than via her BBC minders. S

Corfucius said...

ok, i know that pavla. i didnt know you knew that Pavla.

yes JL seems v bright. i was around when she was on the Booker panel and in fact was in on some discussion that helped me shout down jeff bernard of the spectator who thought she was some bimbo from the avenger series.

who is RP? i dont recognise any of these initials - is P for Potts? P for pavla? i havent the faintest idea whats going on, or what the BBC has to do with it or why our name is being connected with Lumley by others and we know nothing about it.

i dont deal with the BBC and i certainly dont deal with cameras. it's a long-time rule having worked with them via role as pr hack as well as the hacked.

they mess one about and, if they do their job right, they they make a right mess of wherever they bring the cameras in. at least i know roughly what its about and will be ready with locked gates if they do actually get in touch. thanks for headsup, i dont know where else i'd've heard it.

Simon Baddeley said...

Richard Pine

Corfucius said...

Ah, OK. Yes, you did mention his name in the original comment. Thanks.

i spoke to pavla but she was apparently talking to someone else when this lumley/beeb project was being discussed.

oddly, ive heard nothing back from giorgas who was the one who in diellas mentioned to my mother that lumley was coming and was interested in seeing garden.

i did send him a rather tart message teling him that the correct order of things is to approach my mother with full details and await further agreement/instructions/veto.