13 April 2011


  • Haven't laughed so much for a long time

  • First off, Rebecca Black's much-mocked Friday [all the way to the top of the Youtube charts] is not that bad.

  • C'mahn, people, what's so different from the gazillion other chiclet uploads?

  • I've consulted The Spitfire and, apart from scorn that I've even watched it, she scores it a mere 'duhh' on the radar.

  • But such was the dissing that it attracted the witty and ingenious Jimmy Fallon's attention who got none other than Steve Colbert to render his take.

  • Check out this hilarity.

  • OMFG, Colbert with his dead-pan blue-steel expression, the spade wheeled on ... just when you think you've seen it, the dancers (oh mon dieu, be still, my faltering pace-maker)

  • Brilliant choreography.

  • Am still dancing with the kitchen stool ... can't lose that backbeat.
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