28 April 2011


Talk about good riddance.

In a disastrous copycat failure to ride on the success of the Gervais 'Office', an appalling series came out while I was in Seattle that flubbed at every level.

I'm sure Carell is a nice enough chap but he ain't no actor and he dragged the yank version down into the swamp.

He also appeared a movie, something about a 40-year-old virgin [if I've punctuated right] but the studio illiterates got it so that it read like 40 x year-old virgins, or along those lines.

Then the other night I was at someone's place and she put on something atrocity called dinner for schmucks that had Carell doing the Jerry Lewis role and he was ... well.

So I'm delightedly relieved that SC's at least quitting one of his ventures.

Just to rub it in: Seems like the Daily Beast finds him as spaz as I do. They gathered together samples of his work. Talk about hitting the man when he was down.

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