16 April 2011


Time for the prodigal plunker to Bible up and head back to the fold.

The June gig at Holy Trinity Corfu won't amount to a hill of beans without my version of Sunday/Friday and Jimmy 'n' Raul backin' up.

But will you look at the gear that kid's singing thru - where did croaking into that little CD recorder go, eh? Like how we started. I tell you, all this Youtube stuff is going the way of junior beauty pageants - and we'll have our JonBenét Ramseys before we're through, mark my words, hack spit grunt.

Back to this wonderful Sunday song [and dont listen too long, it's catching], Rev'd Gulland in the driving seat of a nasty big Buick, of course, and assorted faithful as Good Book totin' extras.

And we know who'll be hinting loudest for a place up front.

Might even get my teeth fixed, goldarn it ... be ready for my close-up ...

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