07 May 2011


I don't need to paste the clips of Ian T stumbling confused from one police line to another.

He is clearly seen standing dazed and alone.

The 'uniformed' thug came up from behind and simply thumped him to the ground.

Look at Harwood's face - a bully liar's face, born of muscled deprival, resentment and lash-out disappointment.

Not a sentient flicker in the eyes, made for that last refuge, gendarmerie.

I don't know the Filth species simply from sharing bars with the Bill or reading [and socialising with] the likes of Jim Barnett and Leo Clancy.

My busker days were very much 1-on-many touchie-feelie experiences; we recognised each other instantly in the 'de-briefing' chamber.

Now I wonder at my public school prissiness in grading them so respectfully.

SIMON HARWOOD - there's a name that'll set the e-xcrement excavators winking red hereon.

simon harwoodQualification ~ Fair 'nuff, I'm a fair person because I prefer Truth to out before I myself am outed as a sloppy slagger.

22:36hrs Greek time, I've just seen the Beeb news where a sideways camera does show a rozzer delivering a vicious thwomp to the back of someone's pins.

If it was the stumbling Tomlinson that copped it, God rot the undisciplined likes of Harwood.

Pc Harwood said he had used force "initially as an encouragement to make him move away".

And God speed the day when Harwood himself is 'encouraged' to make his own move.

That face ... it's all written there.

Mr Green, if you'd be so good as to play us out.

  • "Lying and talking rubbish" - BBC. The croc tear was a good wheeze.

  • "You are a liar and you know it": Went on to claim that his police training entitled him to use his baton against someone who was posing no threat ... also refused to accept that video evidence proved he had pushed Mr Tomlinson in the back."

  • "They got me, the fuckers got me."

    Prolly what fucker Harwood thought he'd been trained for and hence entitled to.

    Pray, pray God a hard rain falls on the acne-etched likes of Harwood.

    Le Bon Dieu moves in a mysterious way and that often works in our favour.

    Just let me be there, Lord, to report it. I don't need no details ~ no how why when or WTF.

    'Harwood down' will do. No hurry, no time limit. Craft it, Sir, one of those joyous red-top masterpieces that allows purple prosed harking back to the 'Tomlinson Disgrace'.

    Opah! Hard reign.

    DAMNING VIDEO: "Pc Harwood left the Metropolitan Police a decade ago amid controversy over an alleged off-duty road rage incident, then got a job with Surrey Police, where he was accused of using excessive force ... due to face a misconduct hearing over the alleged road rage incident, understood to have happened in the late 1990s, but instead retired on medical grounds."

    The slime goes on: alleged alleged alleged ... do us a favour. Everyone knows now that 'medical retirement' is a good old wheeze for the Filth: why dont they stop treating us like fools and simply band with the Paedo-Priest Brigade and have a good old laff about the handy loopholes they exploit?

    LAST STEPS ~ they ought to choreograph a 'Tomlinson Totter' to be performed at Filth Fuzzschrifts and gala charity dos, with the 'Harwood Hustle' enacted by the partner. Or Harwood himself re-enacting the steps as he's barged out of office and pelted with rotton apples. It's good the meedjer is keeping tabs on his disgrace.

    Revised report - pathologist changers tune.

    The slime slimes on.

    Exsanguination - the words they come up with. So Ian had been on the sauce ... no one but himself to blame hint hint ... we'll slime out of it yet.

    Kettle cattling illegal - the grime slimes on.

    Pathologist asked by Filth to rule out assault

    Inconsistent with arrhythmic heart attack: heart pulse data consistent with Tomlinson dying of internal bleeding.

  • Illegal killing: Osama binned and laden (what America does best); Wedding triumph (pageantry, wot Brits do best); Filth busted for bad whacking (what they don't do too badly, neither.)

    Happy day! Edging towards some sort of least worst justice.

  • Unlawful: excellent comments from the punters.

    Cover-up Central ~ Of course, this is nothing to the Filth, a mere inconvenience of tittle-tattle from which all parties will emerge without even a knuckle-rap.

    Harwood/Patel Discredited: actually, i confess i hadnt been following it that closely but they're right, Harwood and Patel are from the same cloth and would have complemented each other perfectly in this particular shoddy job. Neither of them will bite the dust, of course. In fact, after a few shifty words from the bench, both will squirm free to be back soon with exactly the same powers and protection. But it makes for good headlines and and it's always interesting to see photos of these specimens.

    "Freddy" Patel - a joke, really, isnt it? I mean, they give themselves away right from from the abbreviated nickname. Honestly, "Freddie" Patel? I don't think even Peter Sellers would fall for that nik.

    "Cutting a lonely figure" - tee hee, who's cutting a lonely figure now? I can titter because this is just the opening act of the usual whitewash that will see Harwood walking free and stainless, smirking into his pint as his fellow Filth toast Untouchability. Fuck all will happen, but it needs to be seen to not happen in slow-grinding stages of mock Justice ... solemnity and pontification key ingredients, words like 'fall guy' and 'rush to judgment' to replace 'fallen guy rushed to morgue'.

    Harwood is no doubt even now drawing up his 'Absolved Party List', all the while practising before a mirror the solemn expression with which he's been advised to greet the news of his innocence of any blame.

    Hall talked balls The slime slurps on: Fellow Filth fibbed to forensics. Not that the Bill has owt to fear, they'll let it all run down their trooser legs and into their regulation socks [eeuuww] and then some high-up will decide,

    "Right, that's it. Boorringg. T'punters have had enough. Not guilty, demn'd fine chaps.

    Where's that Moore, Smith and Jackson lot? Where's that big darkie was such a star player - ah, there you are Tone ... Ayup, lad, take them three to the cells and give 'em the good news."

    UNANSWERED QUESTIONS ~ stalwart Paul Lewis of the Guardian getting the job done.


    Maria Strani-Potts said...

    Did you know that Bradbury had spent three days with me in Thessalinik before writing his book?
    There you go......
    It was all very innocent...
    I was only doing my duty as a British Council wife while Jim was away......

    Corfucius said...

    i didnt know that. is this malcolm bradbury? i cant find any reference to him and tomlinson buti do quote him rather a lot. a favorite writer from my secker warburg days

    Maria Strani-Potts said...

    i promoted malcolm bradbury's 'rates of exchange' which, now i burn to give it to pals, is criminally out of print. bradbury! it concerns a lecturer who goes to a mysterious slavic country and the humor is largely in the invented language. at one point a shadowy character turns to the hero and taps his nose and says "in my country we have a saying, 'certain things are certain things'". it was entirely malcolm of course and i roared with laughter and told him he had it just right. but then i started using it for real and people would nod in grave agreement. then georgina went to some mittel-somewhere country and reported back that, with suitable narrowed eyes and tapping of nose, that can produce a real effect from people who all their lives have lived by innuendo and secrecy. thats my boring story. yr line is excellent.

    1:08 PM

    I was referring to the above.

    But I must say I love your style.
    You are a great master of the English language..
    Any other news from Corfu?

    Corfucius said...

    ah right - but what on earth was i doing quoting it here? and i still find it in this posting, but i do remember the quote.

    malcolm also told me that when he came to look at the jacket a/work for the original 'eating people is wrong', fred warburg held it up and said 'see that, bradbury? i want more paint for my money!' in fact they kept the minimalist a/work and it became iconic [dread word]. first time i met warburg he poked his head round my door and said "this used to be the publicity dept" 'it still is' "well why arent u out getting a literary editor drunk?" 'because i used messrs muller's and messrs cassell's budget for that - now i can get on with the actual job in hand'. i was feeling batey and impatient. fred seemed to accept that reason.

    Anonymous said...

    Today is Wednesday 4th May not Thursday 5th ...

    Corfucius said...

    Damfool Blogger/Puter. Now, when the Filth nab me for murder most foul on Mayo Cinco, i can point to this post and say 'No way! I was at the laptop badmouthng the Bully of the Sixth.' Perfect alibi; no jury will convict.