15 May 2011


Idiot letter in Athens News April 22, to which I responded in the May 13 edition.

"REGARDING your “Speaking English to cost more” story (April 1), as I was reading it, just seems too ridiculous to be true! So I take it was an April Fool’s joke. Don’t get me wrong - I can take a joke just as good as the next guy, but what is not a joke is calling the expats chatty, gossipy or eternally whining and referring to Americans as sneering and loud-mouthed!

Have you forgotten that it is the Brits, Americans and other English-speaking people who buy your newspaper and that you have just insulted us!

If this is not a joke then it just shows you how bad this country has got, spending money on such a ridiculous idea when I’m sure the funds could be used on more important things like education or teaching the immigrants to speak Greek!"

~ Bonnie Korres, Athens

PDF OF LETTER ~ In my Inbox, Monday 16th, a nice little civility.

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