31 May 2011


Separately, several people with no 'axe' to grind have told me what a great new sound this revised line-up is pumping out, how Roy is grinning chops to chops as if new blood is pumping thru his veins and as for Maria ... apparently she really is sensationale - indeed, words fail the ones I've chatted to.

I've not heard her so I can't comment but just the fact that people are throwing off their usual torpor and actually commenting intriques me mightily.

Alas, ROJODAMA have chosen a bad night because the gig comes up against Holy Trinity's 'Chasuble' Allstars' hootenannay down at the kirk.

God versus Mammon, Devil at the crossroad.

But all y'all rest of you sinners git on down and sock it to 'em.

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