22 May 2011

MONEYchinese for water


Well, I can't see much similarity but then again I haven't a clear enough photo of the respective cufflinks in front of me on which I base my poison post imprecations on Villa Thefti.

Imprecations ~ is that the right word? I sort of thought it was more the spoken kind and with a slight religioso flavour. And does it not appear in the Scottish Play? No matter; I've never used it, even in speech at school to impress and taunt Magpie Mason so it'll do here and very pleased I am to be squandering time better spent in pre-Athens prepping.

Orft to Athens to have mum fitted with an urgently needed placement of a stent to overcome a tumor of obstructive jaundice. Ugh.

And thank God I switched it to Athens rather than continue with London and have one hand tied and t'other ear bended from Villa Theftioso.

A happy coincidence chat with a Hong Kong pal during which I mentioned the filched jewelry and how I missed the delicate links in the form of a miniature abacus, each ball sliding on its own rod.

I mentioned that it was the easiest bauble to carry in mind and imagine a multitude of woes and misfortune - from sick wallet syndrome to moolah malaise in general, thinking of the abacus as representing money.

"Also sick soil," he reminded me. "Don't forget that water is connected with money ... rain on a wedding is greeted with smiles as betokening much money"

I recall that the 1997 Hong Kong handover in 1997 might have been a washout ceremony-wise but all the party cadres down from Beijing to gloat were beaming most scrutably at the soaking omen that the post-Patten government would be awash in dosh.

Sulky vengeful vibes emanating from Anna's abacuses would affect not just money but water.

Just today my mother was tutting worriedly about Villa Thefti ~ apparently, it has been without rain for six successive months.

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