17 May 2011


Ulp. Not good. Strauss-Kahn denied bail.

But wait ... he

"had not tried to flee the scene and was actually rushing for a lunch appointment."

M'lud ... members of the jury ... let us not 'rush' to judgement [laughter].

May I also submit

  • Tired and emotional.

  • Ugandan discussions

  • Exotic cheroot

  • And if I could quote from the Book of Sinbad, Caliph of Krakatoa ...

    M'Lud: Quite so, Mr Fotheringay, but if we could just hurry things along ... I have a lunch appointment aboard Air France flight- [inaudible above laughter]

    Order! Order!


    Simon Baddeley said...

    Look like things are looking up for S-K, and looking less good for the US police involved.

    Corfucius said...

    absolutely. my facebook comments are all over this.