01 September 2012


~ and those photos ~

  • Oh boy. Oh boy ~ Can you imagine the meeting with Granny?

  • "Heir it is!"

  • MPs back Sun

  • Saved you surfing da good stuff! The Tmz clip is particularly well found.

  • Scandalousest of the scandalous

  • Rich 'n' Nekkid :
    "Instead of a story about the prince's latest indiscretions, which would have blown over fairly quickly, we now have a story about attempts by the royal family to restrict the ability of the British press to publish information freely available via the internet across the globe."

    "How can press not run Harry pix when all over the net? If real, Harry security risk - blackmail target. Public interest in their exposure."

  • Dressing Down: "Morning, Windsor, come in, have a seat.

    Actually, I dont see how downer I could de-dress you after that little tea party in Loss Vegas. So, to to point two: donating your wages to charity.

    Hmm, no reason to be too hasty. If you'd just slip me the phone number of the young lady with the impressive 30-mil bazookas, I think we can call the matter closed.

    By the way, everything under control at home? Granny in good spirits? Splendid! Give her my regards.

    Met her once, pinned this medal on me. Proudest moment of my life. Just in case I've slipped her mind - name's Smythe, with a 'y'. Not be confused with Air Commodore Smith. Joined after me, did Smitty ... couldnt stand the blighter. Still managed to get promoted over me. Damn'd curious ... Gran might like to look into it, what? There's a good chap."


  • Dateline Londres. Sparrow fart. "WTF? What sort of time you call this? Whoops, didn't see you there, sir. Beg pardon, sir. Apache on standby? Of course, sir. Cannons loaded.

    Rockets? Can do. Flight plan? Ah right, sir, hush-hush job, it is. GPS, sir? That Afghan terrain can be tricky."

    'Thank you, no. I think I can find the fucking Sun newspaper on my own, thanks very much'

    "Right you are, sir ... cleared for take-off"

  • Wuss to come - splendid! I crave action in these clammy times. Flagrante fotos? Too tame. And there's meant to be a wad of Bransonia still to emerge. Mark my words, hovering Apaches, tears before tiffin.

  • Cressida crushed:
    Harry offered $10M to star in own porn.

  • Courtesy Daily Mail ~ oodles more pics.

  • The beat goes on - VIDEO of Harry Hanky Panky.


  • Rolling on shrooms

  • "Drunken fumble ... but so wasted." ~ “We kissed, he was naked at the time, and pretty open. It was a drunken fumble. It wasn’t romantic, just fun ... He was a gentleman, but he was so wasted."

    Hmm, if he doesnt watch his wasted steps, he'll be walking his amnesiac ass into a well-stitched paternity suit.

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