06 September 2012


Bra- bra- bravo just thinking of writing about commentaria.

I've tinkered with it in the recesses of my mind but been too scared to put digit to keyboard.

Good springboards for further thought, not to mention magnet for the silliest comments yet:

  • "Comment sections are actually frequented by a very small minority of readers. Industry averages suggest less than one per cent of the readership of any given article will comment.

  • At their worst, comments are like toxic waste buried under the foundations of an article and irradiating all rational debate with ignorance and aggression. And, like radiation, the effect of the internet commenting culture is spreading. ,p>The degradation of discourse online is mirrored in real-world dialogue. Adults who would balk at bullying in school playgrounds are happy to fling snide and often extremely aggressive comments around.

  • Working on a range of titles, I have seen the level of online debate get progressively worse.

    The situation is particularly bad for female colleagues who have the temerity to write or, worse, appear in a YouTube video.

    YouTube is home to the élite imperial guard of internet idiocy."

    Wonderful last sentence, that.

    Cue the divine Keyboard Warrieure who seems to have spawned so many imitators that I couldnt find it on Youtube and had to go back to my original blog post.

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