15 September 2012



~ Daily Telegraph ~

  • A noble tribute to our John Forte - truly a National Treasure and truly ours, his DNA in every stitch and workaday fabric of our marvelous island.
  • Doesn't it warm the cockles when someone we know as wonderful is hailed on a deservedly wider front?
  • Athens News ~ one of the joys of trotting out this blog sans accountability is that I can toss a bouquet of my own without fear of the dread blue pencil ["Enough smarm - Ed].Loipon, my personal salute to AN's Damian Mac Con Uladh who is a joy to work with and is right there, a man who faffeth not and delivers.
    He and I chatted on the 'phone and before I'd tilted the cap off the first Guinness, et voilĂ !, Damian had hammered out an online laurel.
  • Nadia Forte and Marjorie Holmes ~ charming photo on a radiant Corfu day. I thought I'd slip it in somewhere.
  • Personal ~ a memory.
  • Holy Trinity Church, Corfu - Bravo editrice Carol Sherratt asking for in time and making the deadline for our church's own coverage.Songbird~ grand-daughter Isabella Chakiris sang this at the memorial service. Wonderful voice.
    Isabella actually played a recording of this moving rendering and I slightly teased her at the service for not singing it 'live'.
    She said she could not have kept hold of her emotions.
    When I played it later alone back home on my computer, I was blubbing by the third verse and had to hit 'pause' before I made a complete crybaby fool of myself in front of the animals.
    How John would have been chuckling.
    Again I say - and again - Well played, that man.

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