19 September 2012

calendar filch


~ calendar filch ~

Place marker for fuller artisticer blog post, more elaborate text drawing from FB captions, more effective lay-out.

The Theft that goes on thieving

Reads like esprit d'escalier, i know, but it's the splendid title that came to me as i was sifting thru the religious crap printed on the 2006/7 calendar pages, then slipped my mind and is now back with renewed purpose: I try to bring to my posts about the theft(s)the same dementia repeatia feel as I suffered at the dinner table and the endless dronings of the same stories and the same stuck needle on vile gardenry.

This would make a good Facebook foto album title to which to move new thievery pics once they've had their week's fame. Also a useful blog post title (if i persist with Blogger now they've 'upgraded' and made it impossible to use).

I know i strain for cute titles but it'd be much more convenient to have one sewage manhole to raise into which to dump theft updates. I could always have sub-sewage titles once the new garbage had been dumped but i'm thinking of newcomers and, of course, my unmet sons in law who will have a Bible's length of reading to catch up on the when/what/where/how/who of their missing bling from my girls.

No one is going to tell this tale of April 2007's thieving better than I and, as we see, new guilt, new excrement keeps adding to the fabric of filcherie.

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