27 September 2012


  • Who what why ~ Now so famous I need post some explanatory info'.
  • Ridiculously catchy
  • Not since C-Lo's "Fuck you" have i had such a good response.
  • His dancing is truly gifted and weird.
  • LEGS: own up, we only watch it for the foxy Hyuna
  • Some weird and wonderful offshoots - Cheerleader take-off
  • Cool interview - what a nice, polished chap he seems.
  • Hyuna again.And again, a good example of what must be Korean video style and their Bieber baby male stars.

  • GANGES STYLE - it had to come - everyone knows Indians kick ass when it comes to this kind of dancing. [Memo to self: send to My Lord Moss of Ma Wangnam Style; good for his education and the Indian one will amuse].
  • GANGNAM BLIGHTY - i have to stop undating this post. With every listening, it's catchier and cleverer.
  • Everything u wanted to know about gangnam but were too tragically hip to ask.
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